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Chase Investigations Book 6

Red Mist

While Dan is chasing a promotion he’s worked his butt off for, his compassion for the underdog leads him to hunt the hoods who have beaten a young boy and left him too traumatised to leave the house.

Dan Crowley doesn’t like bullies, and he’s taking this case personally.

It’s hard, relentless and unforgiving, and Dan Crowley keeps coming back for more.

"...strong tension, fast pace and the true ring of authenticity." PETER JAMES ~ Best selling author of the Roy Grace series.

The Division Book 3

The Shadow Dancers

“We are The Division. This is what we do.”

A politician’s daughter goes missing in Turkey, as Russia bombs neighbouring Syria and chaos explodes throughout the Middle East. Rob Moore of Division 5 is sent from London to find her, but he’s a man with his own problems.

The Division Book 2

Call to Arms

A $20 million gold bullion heist executed with military precision.

A Special Tactics team is decimated and the streets of downtown Wellington are left littered with dead bodies.

The cops are out-gunned and bound by rules. The Government’s ultra-secret black ops unit known as The Division are deployed to stop the carnage.

The Division Book 1

Smoke & Mirrors

A simple snatch and grab operation leaves a trail of dead bodies behind and sets a ruthless Saudi terrorist on the run.

Haunted by the ghosts of his past and blamed for the botched operation, deniable intelligence operator Craig Archer is thrown headlong into an adventure he could have lived without-and may not live through.

Chase Investigations Book 5

Dirty Deeds

A beautiful client with a mysterious past draws the Chase Investigations crew into a dangerous and puzzling case of blackmail.

Stacey Burns is being leaned on by an unseen villain who will stop at nothing, putting Auckland's tough private eyes Dan Crowley and Mike Manning in harm's way.

Packed with fist fights and car chases, this is the Chase Investigations crew's most action-packed case yet.

Chase Investigations Book 4

Tangled Webs

War-torn Bosnia comes to downtown Auckland as the past meets the present.

The private eyes of Chase Investigations come up against their toughest case yet when they tangle with organised crime. Molly is quickly in the sights of a Bosnian gang family who will not take no for an answer when they call in favours from the past.

Chase Investigations Book 3

Sleeping Dogs

Sometimes doing a favour ain't such a great idea. The private eyes of Chase Investigations take on the case of a young cop accused of assault. With some heavy political interference and a drug-fuelled fixer involved, plus Dan Crowley's old enemy DI Kennedy leading the charge, this is a case they quickly wish they had never taken on.

Chase Investigations Book 2

Honey Trap

When an undercover sting goes wrong, Molly Crowley faces the unpredictable violence of a burned lover. Meanwhile Dan is forced to face a list of psychopaths and killers to uncover a dangerous stalker who has their sights on the team at Chase. Mike Manning's own mysterious past, a past he would sooner forget, is threatening to raise its head, while he is fighting tooth and nail to protect those closest to him.

Chase Investigations Book 1

Old Friends

Tough Auckland private eye Dan Crowley faces off against a gang of murderous thugs when he is called on to help out his old mate, Mike Manning.

A trucking firm faces collapse from unexplained stock thefts and Mike's reputation and freedom are on the line when he stands accused.

The Service Book 1


144 civilians were slaughtered when a Serbian unit wiped out their village 20 years ago, in a dirty war where brutality was the norm.

The Serb commander of the dreaded Red Wolves escaped from The Hague and has been hunted ever since. Now a single slip of the tongue has set off alarm bells. Could Josef Durakovic, wanted war criminal, really be hiding out in Auckland?

The Nicki Cooper Mysteries

The Country Club Caper

Nicki Cooper is a fiesty 18 year old who wants nothing more than to be a private eye, but her dad refuses to let her join his detective agency.

When a simple theft case comes up at the new Country Club Health Spa and Retreat, and he's out of town, Nicki seizes the opportunity. What else is a girl to do, right?

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